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  • Aftermath / Holga

    Tags: photography, Holga, film

    Whew! The exhibition went much better than I expected and it was such a thrill to see the prints up on display for hundreds of people to see.  Pretty much felt like vomiting from the day … more

  • Killer background

    Tags: photography, lighting, portrait

    They always say not to work with kids or animals, but I'm finding it's been useful to shoot family and friends to get a grip on how to use my basic studio lighting.  I also really … more

  • A light bulb moment

    Tags: photography

    Unfortunately I've had a bit of a set-back due to the bulb in my Durst Laborator 1200 giving up last night.  Thinking this was a problem that would be solvable with a large amount of money, I … more

  • It was a set up!

    Tags: photography, blacknwhite, darkroom

    Having spent most of last weekend in the dark it was an unwelcome shock to wake up to Monday morning in all its sunny glory. The best I could do to relive the joy of development (until the next … more

  • Papergirl Project

    Tags: photography, film, exhibition

    So I've gotten my act together and submitted something of the black and white film variety to the Papergirl curators. I won't pretend they're perfect or even what I originally intended but at least … more

  • Film from Inner Mongolia

    Tags: photography, film

    Just had an exciting text message from my mother asking what sort of film I would like her to bring back from her current trip - all the way from Inner Mongolia. Both Kodak and Fuji are available so … more

  • My Kingdom for a Bike!

    Tags: bicycle, photography

    A watched bike is never fixed but I'm still hopeful that a new tyre for my little "foldable" bike will come through soon from The Bicycle Revolution. I guess they're still recovering from a big Xmas! … more

  • Christmas lights

    Tags: photography, lighting, Christmas

    I'm not much of a fan of bright, gaudy Christmas lights but I was very pleased to receive some lighting gear of my own on Christmas day.  Still working it all out and have already run … more