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  • From the darkness comes...

    Tags: photography, blacknwhite

    Well I've been enthusiastically using the darkroom whenever possible and working out a few wrinkles along the way.  It is brilliant to have on demand access to all the gear that I need and … more

  • Oh baby!

    Tags: baby, photography

    Well the shoot went pretty well, taking into account the difficult lighting situation.  The flash unit that I took malfunctioned and I'd already psyched my subjects up to start so it was time to … more

  • Baby shoot

    Tags: baby, photography

    Shooting a baby tomorrow morning - only in the photographic sense though.  Cute little Fletcher David is getting a bit of paparazzi treatment and I'm hoping the results will be good enough to … more

  • First (successful) dev

    Tags: photography, blacknwhite

    First really successful black and white development in my new darkroom...

    A big thanks to my personal carpenter who put down his laptop for a few weekends and created the darkroom for me out of … more