Aftermath / Holga

Tags: photography, Holga, film

Whew! The exhibition went much better than I expected and it was such a thrill to see the prints up on display for hundreds of people to see.  Pretty much felt like vomiting from the day before, right up until I was able to clap eyes on the full display which Gavin Bannerman from Pushies Galore had organised really well.  The punters couldn't have been more supportive and I really appreciated the critical feedback that they gave - have so much more confidence now. Particularly appreciative of Andy White taking the time to chat about his approach to photography (I doubt I'll be taking after his bike+girl-clothes style but each to their own!)

I was a bit worried about not having a distinctive "look" because there were a lot of other black and white shots, but as it turned out there wasn't really another collection that had the same first person perspective and my subject matter was less about  specialist bikes and more about day-to-day riding.  I was honoured to be shown in the company of serious photogs (Hamish Cairns, Yan Chen, Bennett Rust, Dean Saffron and Jason Starr) and I just loved some of their work. Quite a relief to have the exhibition out of the way and, although I would love to shoot bikes intensively like that again, I'm also looking forward to shooting something (anything) else for a while.

I've been having a bit of a mental block though - all I can see now are shots of bikes.  I was wrestling with this dilemma and how to trigger a change of artistic perspective when I happened across a "drastically reduced" Holga 120N.  Naturally I decided that this serendipitous timing meant that I simply had to buy another medium format film burner.  So I did!

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