The cake is a lie

Tags: Cake, lighting, product

In between getting reacquainted with medium format film, I've been taking photos of cake - lots and lots of cake.  Unfortunately it was also very delicious cake.

A friend has a bit of a business on the side making top-end cakes from her own customised recipes and decided she wanted to put together a bit of a "how-to" for wannabe cooks on creating your own signature cake.  It's been a sweet opportunity to learn a bit more about product shots and, in particular, how to make food look yummy (nail polish can add a glisten to any fruit).  We also tried to put together a bit of a party setting but I think I'm just inherently unsuited to photography of that nature.  It's fair to say that I don't exactly put people at ease if they are uncomfortable around a camera!

There should be plenty of material though and I'm really happy with a product shot of the chocolate cupcake in particular.  I could show you but then you won't need to look at the finished product, which I think should be really beautiful and useful.  Instead you get an unedited photo showing the dodgy light tent I made from a Coopers beer carton based on the Strobist instructions - did the job perfectly!

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