Papergirl Project

Tags: photography, film, exhibition

So I've gotten my act together and submitted something of the black and white film variety to the Papergirl curators. I won't pretend they're perfect or even what I originally intended but at least I'm following through on my commitment to get my art out... somewhere. The basic idea is to provide paper-based art that can be displayed and then delivered by bike, although I couldn't see any harm in sharing it here as well.

I'm also pursuing an opportunity in relation to bike photography that would involve publicly displaying some works. This would be a much more structured collection with an underpinning theme and will probably take quite a bit of time to polish. If this doesn't come through I'll have some fun new examples of my most recent darkroom work to share. If it does come through I'm going to be very busy on weekends for a little while. Fingers crossed!

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