So... what is the plan?

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I've been beavering away on "The Project" which is my latest (read, "first and only") commissioned portfolio that relates to undisclosed subject matter (mysterious, huh?).  In the process, I've also come to the realisation that although running around photographing randomly is very fun, it doesn't necessarily deliver the structured, consistent results that are required.  So, I have a plan (kind of like a Cylon which is into project management, but less intent on destruction of humankind).

Here is the basic idea of how The Project is going to get wherever it's going:

  1. Get the brief including timeframes and restrictions.
  2. Work out the consumables required and order in vast quantities.
  3. Brainstorm concepts.
  4. Flesh out those concepts including details of: Location, Lighting, Model, Props, and Equipment.
  5. Shoot!
  6. Develop films.
  7. Print contact sheets to check content.
  8. Get feedback and reshoot.
  9. Prepare full sized prints.
  10. Plan layout.
  11. Get feedback and reprint/reshoot.
  12. Prepare supplementary material like titles, viewer guide and promo.
  13. Delivery!

I'm currently running the brain-storming stage simultaneously with the shooting stage because there is a fair bit of serendipitous idea creation that just occurs when I'm out and about.  Unfortunately the ideas flow and photographic opportunities present themselves most frequently when I'm not actually holding a camera!  Just means that I have to get into the habit of taking my gear *everywhere*.

Will be refining the process for future projects so that the creative juices just flow unimpeded by my propensity to procrastinate before the details are worked out. Assuming there are future projects, of course...

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