• The cake is a lie

    Tags: Cake, lighting, product

    In between getting reacquainted with medium format film, I've been taking photos of cake - lots and lots of cake.  Unfortunately it was also very delicious cake.

    A friend has a bit of a … more

  • Aftermath / Holga

    Tags: photography, Holga, film

    Whew! The exhibition went much better than I expected and it was such a thrill to see the prints up on display for hundreds of people to see.  Pretty much felt like vomiting from the day … more

  • Photography in Chicago

    My trip to Chicago represented an excellent opportunity to take some architectural photos which is subject matter I've been interested in investigating. Some dodgy previews are available in the … more

  • Prints complete

    The prints that form the collection for The Project are finalised and it's a huge relief.  I had to move up the timetable because of an unexpected conference overseas that just happened to … more

  • Like a roman orgy

    Things are coming together for The Project despite a few technical difficulties along the way. Some replacement bulbs are on their way from the US of A which will hopefully fit the big enlarger.

    I … more

  • Killer background

    Tags: photography, lighting, portrait

    They always say not to work with kids or animals, but I'm finding it's been useful to shoot family and friends to get a grip on how to use my basic studio lighting.  I also really … more

  • A light bulb moment

    Tags: photography

    Unfortunately I've had a bit of a set-back due to the bulb in my Durst Laborator 1200 giving up last night.  Thinking this was a problem that would be solvable with a large amount of money, I … more

  • Consuming the consumables

    Tags: blacknwhite, darkroom

    Much to my delight a wonderful phone call came through from my friends at Photo Continental the other day confirming that my ridiculous volume of developer and fixer was available. This was hot on … more

  • So... what is the plan?

    Tags: exhibition, planning, blacknwhite

    I've been beavering away on "The Project" which is my latest (read, "first and only") commissioned portfolio that relates to undisclosed subject matter (mysterious, huh?).  In the process, I've … more